Presentation coaching

Gaining internal support for a key project

A senior financial services executive wanted to sharpen a presentation for an upcoming internal presentation to her global department. Already a highly competent presenter, the executive was speaking about fresh findings on the performance of her department and the importance of continued improvement.

In two tailored sessions Jeremy helped her structure her content in a way that showcased the most important trends, to position the story from the perspective of the audience, and to use story-telling to enhance the impact of the presentation.

Through extensive practice she was able to convey her messages with clarity, empathy and impact. She received several unsolicited messages from colleagues congratulating her on the presentation – strengthening support for the team’s objectives.


Board level presenting

Conveying ideas with clarity and impact

Senior managers at a specialist private equity firm wanted to make their team meetings more impactful and succinct. Helen and Jeremy led sessions to help their European investment team convey their ideas with more clarity and conviction to investment committee and to senior partners. 

The programme comprised small group workshops focused on helping them build high-quality messages, followed by one-to-one clinics to help them develop their delivery technique.


Media training

A roster of top media spokespeople for global fund manager

A top tier global fund manager requires a roster of high quality media spokespeople to represent it in trade media, leading titles and on TV and radio.

Helen and Jeremy support them with tailored media coaching sessions  - each one designed to help small groups or individuals handle media interviews with confidence – while being alert to risks at each level. Through liaising with the media team in advance we use the sessions to help executives prepare for specific upcoming interviews and media campaigns.

Participants learn about how newsrooms really work, how to craft messages that impress reporters and presenters and how to address tough questions without either giving away secrets or appearing evasive. The firm’s media relations team consistently comments on the positive feedback they receive from attendees.


Panel and moderation skills

Preparing moderators for key client events

A leading French investment bank needed sharp, poised moderators for a series of key client conferences to showcase the firm’s expertise in capital markets and innovation. The moderators had to lead engaging, fast moving panel discussions involving high profile industry figures in front of demanding clients. 

Jeremy and Helen led a series of small group and one-on-one sessions to help each moderator fully understand their role and what it takes to be ready to handle all types of panellists with diplomacy, humour and a firm hand if required. They used role-play to ensure they set the right tone from the beginning of their discussions. Feedback from the participants was consistently excellent.


Investor relations

We work with Private Equity clients to help them prepare for their investor meetings, fundraisings, and with their portfolio company CEOs.

In a typical project, we help the investment team coordinate their messaging, rehearse their presentations and provided last minute support and guidance on the day.

Another recent project was working with two women (early 30s) at the London office of one of the big European PE firms to help them communicate with greater impact.

This included contributing more ideas during informal conversations such as those in the lunch room, where they were outshone by vocal and more confident peers. That programme was successful both from the perspective of the coachees and the feedback received from their supervisor.


Media Preparation

The environmental campaiging group

Explaining a complex story to the media is fraught with potential pitfalls - will I be understood? Ignored? Misquoted? An agency that campaigns on environmental issues wanted its voice heard in the media - and two media preparation sessions put two of the agency's scientists in a position to speak with clarity and confidence about flood risks and coastal defence.

As is often the case, examples and case studies of good practice in flood defences was essential. Great case studies paint a picture and are often the heart of the story. The case studies lifted the scientists' confidence to tell their story in a way the reporter could understand and use in their story.


Effective client communication

Coaching and advice during a period of substantial change

A recent project was for a small sized financial services company to help them communicate more impactfully with clients and within the team.

This involved a combination of team workshops and individual coaching as well as ongoing advice to the CEO and COO during a period of substantial change.


Individual leadership coaching

Individual leadership assignments: 

  • Helping an individual who had recently joined a professional services firm at a high level quickly build relationships with his new board members and convey his ideas with more impact and authority

  • Working with a global divisional head to reposition his department, coach his own team members to improve performance and clarify priorities. Helped him to articulate the strategy and sell it to key internal stakeholders

  • Working with a COO of a fast growing fintech firm as she quickly grew her team, landed big new client contracts and raised her profile among investors

  • Supporting an MD at a bank who had recently been promoted to head a large division with her internal comms, town-halls and client communications

  • Helped the European-based CEO and CFO of a large medical tech company build their messages and confidence when interacting with sharp (and somewhat intimidating) London-based investors


Large group facilitation

Development programmes, individual coaching for a major company

We run regular management development programmes for the European HQ of a major US company.

The programme includes individual coaching. Each participant provides feedback on all aspects of the course and facilitator scores are typically the highest of any field


UN award

Preparing a shortlisted candidate spokesperson

We helped prepare a philanthropist whose foundation was shortlisted for a UN award tell their story to international conference delegates and judges in a very compelling way.


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About us


helenlucasHelen Lucas helps leaders and senior managers use communication to build more effective relationships with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders, including the media.


jeremy adamsJeremy Adams is an experienced communications advisor and coach to business executives, non-profits and politicians.


Our approach


All our small group workshops and one to one sessions are structured with rigour, but low on theory and designed to engage sceptical participants.

Our sessions are fast-paced and challenging, with extensive use of video rehearsal and feedback. Participants will learn to distil and disseminate their key ideas using our proprietary message development tool.

We adapt the sessions according to the ability and requirements of the executives – and according to specific upcoming communication challenges, which we can plan for in the pre-session call.