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Smart, sceptical and under-resourced, today’s business and financial journalists are under pressure to deliver more copy than ever before, for mainstream as well as social media outlets.

But if you are willing to constructively engage with journalists, you can steal a march on your competitors, provide your own version of key events and earn a right to reply if things go wrong. A positive story in a reputable print or online publication is more valuable than ever.

We help you work constructively with the media to build better relationships with key journalists, devise media messages and remain calm and convincing under pressure.

Our courses range from helping executives take their first steps with the media to communicating in a crisis.


Winning over the Trade Media

For helping executives take their first steps with trade media.

  • Understanding what trade reporters need

  • Working with media relations to proactively engage

  • Navigating the ground rules, including when under pressure

  • Building messages that pass muster in the trade newsroom

  • Managing speculation, gossip and other unwanted questions

  • Understanding the role of social media

  • Filmed interview practice with replay and feedback

Winning over Top Tier Media

For helping executives speak compellingly to journalists at top-tier publications such as the Financial Times, Bloomberg and The Economist.

  • Understanding the difference between trade and top tier media

  • Working with media relations to engage journalists

  • How to use social media to your advantage

  • Building messages that stand out from the competition

  • Dealing with hostile questions and bridging to retain control

  • Filmed interview practice with replay and feedback


Winning over the Broadcast Media

We prepare executives to handle interviews on business TV such as CNBC and Bloomberg or BBC Question Time and The Today Programme.

  • Making the leap from print to broadcast – succinctness and impact

  • Honing messages that pass the studio test

  • Leading from the start and steering the interview throughout

  • Handling probing questions with diplomacy and charm

  • Speaking with greater purpose and energy – vocal dynamism and body langauge

  • Filmed interview practice with replay and feedback


Crisis Media Training

We prepare executives to speak for their organisation with calm authority amid a business or human crisis. We'll work with your media team to a create crisis scenario that's realistic and relevent to the group:

  • Understanding media mentality in a crisis

  • Determining when and how to respond to media inquiries

  • Planning your message and statement

  • Chosing which detail and colour to share
  • Anticipating and handling probing questions
  • Interview practice - print, broadcast and press conference style


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About us


helenlucasHelen Lucas helps leaders and senior managers use communication to build more effective relationships with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders, including the media.


jeremy adamsJeremy Adams is an experienced communications advisor and coach to business executives, non-profits and politicians.


Our approach


All our small group workshops and one to one sessions are structured with rigour, but low on theory and designed to engage sceptical participants.

Our sessions are fast-paced and challenging, with extensive use of video rehearsal and feedback. Participants will learn to distil and disseminate their key ideas using our proprietary message development tool.

We adapt the sessions according to the ability and requirements of the executives – and according to specific upcoming communication challenges, which we can plan for in the pre-session call.